Chef Extremen

Fast pressure cooker

This pot is specially designed for professional use due to its large size, its robust lightness thanks to its manufacture in high thickness aluminium, its progressive locking system with reinforced spring and its 3 safety systems. The excellent thermal conduction of the aluminium allows up to 50% more efficient use of energy, so it cooks for up to a third of the time required in a traditional pot and maintains all the properties and nutrients of the food. Its handles are specially reinforced in thermo-insulating Bakelite to avoid possible burns.



– Suitable for gas cookers


  • Body made of high thickness aluminium that offers lightness and excellent energy efficiency.
  • Pressure level: Fast (50 kPa).
  • 3 security systems and progressive closure with safety bridge.
  • Safety seal made of medical silicone for longer life.
  • Ergonomic handles made of thermo-insulating Bakelite.
  • Polished interior and exterior finish.
  • Professional use, high capacity.

High thickness aluminium

Progressive closing

High capacity and speed

Pressure level 50 KPa


 olla xtremen fagorolla xtremen fagor
Volume15 L22 L
Diameter26 cm30.6 cm

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