Which model of pressure cooker should I buy?


Make the most of the products you cook with. Each of our Fagor pressure cooker models has its own characteristics that make them different. Choose the one that best suits you from all of them and learn how to keep it as long as possible as the first day.

consejo olla verduras

Delicate vegetables and fish

– Stainless steel pressure cookers

– With the possibility of working at low pressure (between 30 and 60 kPa)

– Capacity between 6 and 8 l

consejo olla legumbre

Resistant vegetable stews, vegetables and legumes

– Stainless steel pressure cookers

-Medium to high working pressure (between 60 and 100 kPa)

-Capacity between 6 and 8 l.

Meat, vegetable and fish broths

-Stainless steel or aluminium pressure cookers

– Low – medium working pressure (between 50 and 90 kPa)

– Capacity between 8 and 15l.

consejo olla colageno

Stews, stews, collagen-rich meat casseroles

– Stainless steel pressure cookers

– High working pressure (between 90 and 100 kPa)

– 8 l. or more capacity

consejo olla industria

Large communities, hotels and restaurants, industrial kitchens

– Aluminium pressure cookers

-Low working pressure (50 kPa)

– Capacity of 15 and 22 l.

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