Tradicional Flavours

Returning to the origin of our cuisine is a guarantee of taste and health

Often one can have the mistaken thought that traditional cooking is a complex world of endless recipes and cooking times too long for our new lifestyle; nothing could be further from the truth. The alliance between traditional cuisine and Fagor cookware guarantees us a diverse, simple, healthy and economical diet.


Rice, the basis of the Mediterranean diet

There is no doubt that the Mediterranean diet is synonymous with healthy eating, and one of the basic ingredients of this diet is rice.

One of the most consumed cereals worldwide that allows us an endless number of elaborations; paellas, brothy rice, risottos, baked, crunchy, etc.

In this section we will find a great variety of recipes and advice that will allow us to prepare the best rice dishes.


The pouting dishes, your best allies

Most of us relate spoon dishes to home cooking; family or friend gatherings, warm, for days of recollection. With the modern Fagor pressure cookers we will once again enjoy stews in a natural way, saving time but maintaining the intensity of the flavours of yesteryear.



Pressure cooker
Super fast


Pressure cooker
super fast

fagor sabores de siempre


The keys to always finding the point of cooking.

Reaching the desired cooking point in the various preparations can be a complicated task: browning, cooking, roasting, braising, braising?

In this section we have the best recipes and recommendations for all kinds of ingredients, always using the most suitable Fagor technique and utensils for each occasion.

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