Vegetable pickles with Dijon mustard

Encurtido verdura

Vegetable pickles with Dijon mustard A really healthy recipe that includes several vegetables. Its combination will give you a lot of vitamins, while you enjoy tasting each bite. Medium About 15 minutes Utensil: Cookware Origin: Spain QUANTITY: 4 persons INGREDIENTS: Red onion, chopped (150 g) Chopped white turnip (150 g) Shallots in quarters (100 g) … Read more


receta borsch fagor

Play Play Play Play Borsch A recipe of Ukrainian origin really complete on a nutritional level. A perfect combination of legumes, meat and vegetables. Haven’t you tried it yet? Hard About 45 minutes Utensil: Pressure cooker Origin: Ukraine QUANTITY: 4 persons INGREDIENTS: Cooked chicken leg (300 g) Finely chopped garlic cloves (2 und.) White beans … Read more