Cast Aluminum Frying Pan

ALUTHERM parts are made of high thickness die-cast aluminium (5.3mm on base and edge). Its high density gives the product greater hardness, resistance to wear and more efficient heat distribution.

The «IMPAKSTEEL» diffuser bottom, manufactured by impact, incorporates a magnetic stainless steel disc on the entire surface for optimum heat diffusion in INDUCTION kitchens, improving technical conductivity, and together with the double-layer XYLAN PLUS non-stick coating, increases the durability of the product and facilitates cleaning. Its ergonomic thermo-insulating handle is made of bakelite and silicone, protecting against possible burns.


REF: 81SAFGALU28      


-Suitable for all types of fires

Total induction


  • High thickness cast aluminum (5.3mm on base and edge).
  • Double-layer Xylan Plus reinforced non-stick gratin.
  • IMPAKSTEEL background. Manufactured by impact, maximum durability.
  • Non-sticking, PFOA-free, heavy metal-free.
  • Bakelite and silicone handle with ergonomic thermal insulation.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.

High thickness cast aluminium.

IMPAKSTEEL background

2 XYLAN PLUS non-stick layers

Ergonomic heat-insulating Bakelite handle




20 cm

24 cm

26 cm

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