Forged aluminium frying pan

Our MAXIMA pans are made of 4 mm thick forged aluminium. It stands out for its «FULLBASE» bottom which incorporates a magnetic stainless steel disc on the entire surface for optimum heat diffusion in INDUCTION kitchens, improving thermal conductivity and, together with the double-layer XYLAN PLUS non-stick coating, increasing the durability of the pan and making it easier to clean.

Its ergonomic thermo-insulating Bakelite handle protects against possible burns. These versatile pans are suitable for all types of fires, including modern INDUCTION kitchens. Available in two colours, red and blue, and different sizes:


REF: -Blue: 81SAFGMXA20
         -Red: 81SAFGMXR20


-Suitable for all types of fires

Total induction


  • 4mm forged aluminium
  • Double-layer non-stick
  • Xylan Plus
  • FULLBASE» Fund
  • Matte exterior finish
  • Ergonomic heat-insulating Bakelite handle
  • Non-sticking, PFOA-free, heavy metal-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean

Forged aluminium 4mm

Full face background

2 XYLAN PLUS non-stick layers

Ergonomic heat-insulating Bakelite handle


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Diameter20 cm24 cm26 cm28 cm

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