Dual Xpress

Super-fast pressure cooker

DUAL XPRESS is the most modern, fast and healthy pot. The preparation of the food in this pressure cooker allows the conservation of most of the nutrients. Conventional cooking times are reduced by up to 70%, allowing you to save energy. Whether it’s vegetables, meat, fish or any kind of stew, with the DUAL XPRESS cooker you’ll have it easy.

It is very easy to maintain and clean thanks to its manufacture in stainless steel of the highest quality. Versatile and safe for the home thanks to its 5 security systems. The new progressive pressure control ACS ® (Adaptive Cooking System) allows us to prepare each food with the right pressure can cook in a traditional, fast and super-fast.




-Suitable for all types of fires

Total induction


  • 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Progressive pressure level: From 30 kPa to 90 kPa. All types of kitchens: Traditional – Fast – Super-fast.
  • 5 safety systems including automatic lid lock.
  • 3-layer thermodiffusing bottom (AISI 304 steel + 3003 aluminium + AISI 430 steel).
  • Ergonomic handles made of thermo-insulating Bakelite.
  • Satin interior finish.
  • External finish mirror polished..

18/10 stainless steel

3-material thermodifuser bottom

Adjustable pressure level with ACS® (Adaptive Cooking System) from 30 to 90 Kpa

Automatic safety lock

5 security systems







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