Coffee maker

Our Etnica coffee maker is made of stainless steel. The tank is made of special AISI430 alloy for INDUCTION. The decanter is made of AISI304 alloy (18/10) special for food use. It has a thermo-insulating handle made of more resistant nylon that provides a better grip and protects from possible burns. Its silicone gasket is very durable.

VOLUME (nº of cups):



-Suitable for all types of fires

Total induction


  • Body made of stainless steel. AISI 430 alloy tank and AISI 304 carafe.
  • Heat-insulating handle made of more resistant nylon.
  • Highly durable silicone gasket.
  • External finish mirror polished.

18/10 stainless steel

Mirror polishing

Stronger nylon heat-insulating handle

Highly durable silicone gasket


Volume  4 cups  6 cups 10 cups

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