Coffee maker

The Cupy coffee maker is made of aluminium with a mirror-polished interior and exterior finish. It has a thermo-insulating handle made of stronger nylon that provides a better grip and protects against possible burns. Its silicone gasket, PFOA free, is very durable. Its base with impact encapsulated bottom, allows its use in all types of fires, especially for modern INDUCTION kitchens.

VOLUME (nº of cups):



-Suitable for all types of fires

Total induction


  • Body made of aluminium.
  • Base with encapsulated bottom by impact (steel and aluminium) Special INDUCTION.
  • Heat-insulating handle made of more resistant nylon.
  • Highly durable silicone gasket.
  • Interior and exterior mirror-polished finish.

Aluminium and stainless steel

Special induction steel-aluminium impact bottom

Mirror polished interior/exterior

Stronger nylon heat-insulating handle

Highly durable silicone gasket


Volume  6 cups  9 cups 12 cups

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