Forged aluminium single parts

Our MAXIMA parts are made of 4 mm thick forged aluminium. It stands out for its «FULLBASE» bottom which incorporates a magnetic stainless steel disc on the entire surface for optimum heat diffusion in INDUCTION kitchens, improving thermal conductivity and, together with the double-layer XYLAN PLUS non-stick coating, increases the durability of the product and facilitates cleaning. Its ergonomic thermo-insulating Bakelite handle protects against possible burns.

These are pieces for all types of fires, including modern INDUCTION kitchens.

Available in 2 colours, red and blue and different sizes.


REF: 81pxfgmr20


-Suitable for all types of fires

-Total induction


  •   4 mm forged aluminium
  • XYLAN PLUS double-layer non-stick
  • FULLBASE» Fund
  • Matte exterior finish
  • 18/10 stainless steel steamer
  • Heat-insulating Bakelite handles
  • Heat-resistant glass lid with steel frame and chimney
  • Non-sticking, PFOA-free, heavy metal-free
  • Dishwasher safe

4 mm forged aluminium


2 XYLAN PLUS non-stick layers

Ergonomic heat-insulating Bakelite handles


Diámeter20 cm

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