Meat soup in a pressure cooker

In less than 45 minutes you can have a tasty meat broth prepared, with a great nutritional content. Below, we tell you the steps to follow and what ingredients you need.


About 40 minutes

Utensil: Pressure cooker

Origin: Spain


4 persons


  • Ring, knee or cane bone (300 g)
  • Red meat, knuckle or flank (400 g)
  • Onion (150 g)
  • Leek (150 g)
  • Celery stalk (100 g)
  • Carrot (100 g)
  • Chickpeas (100 g)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (60 ml)
  • Water (2.5 l)


1. Place your Fagor pressure cooker over the heat source and add the water, bone, meat, onion, leek, celery, carrot and chickpeas.

2. Heat to medium-high and wait for the boiling to begin.

3. Lower the heat intensity to low power and remove any foam and impurities that appear on the surface.

4. Add the extra virgin olive oil and close the pot.

5. If your pressure cooker model allows it, select working pressure II and raise the intensity of the heat source to maximum power.

6. Once the working pressure is reached, reduce the intensity of the heat source to a minimum and leave it to cook for the time indicated, depending on the Fagor pressure cooker model

7. After a while, release the pressure using the «1 Natural Pressure Release» method described in your pressure cooker manual.

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